Astor║25 ║He/Him║UK

Nihon Ken

I am currently the UK's only Kai Ken owner and breeder.
I spend most of my time promoting the Kai Ken and Nihon Ken as Vice President of the Association of Nihon Ken. Akiko, my Kai Ken, is a breed ambassador, and we travel all over the country to attend events with our club to promote and educate people about the Nihon Ken.
Feel free to contact me on any of my Kennel related social media.

Association of Nihon Ken & The Nihon Ken Network


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Hi! My name is Astor. I'm a hobby artist/photographer, criminologist and Nihon Ken enthusiast from the UK.
I can usually be found playing Fallout 76 with the Sanctuary Hills crew.
I love making and talking about OCs!


  • OCs

  • Nihon Ken

  • Photography

  • Ginga

  • Castlevania

  • The Protomen

  • OK KO! Lets Be Heroes


  • Musicals (especially RENT)

  • Horror movies (especially Event Horizon)

Games I Play

  • Fallout

  • Dishonored

  • Dead By Daylight

  • Ōkami

  • Red Dead Redemption

  • Valve (Mostly TF2, L4D2 & Portal)

  • Professor Layton

  • Dragon Quest